Smoke Season, “Opaque”

Current mood: Tuesday in October

Jarbas Agnelli, “Birds on the Wires”

Please don’t feed the birds. Actually, please do.

The Barr Brothers, “Love Ain’t Enough”

From the band:

Love Ain’t Enough is the song that happens when you give up on giving up on love. Either one has some kind of epiphany, or it becomes too exhausting to fight it anymore. The title is kind of misleading, as it draws from the preceding state of mind, one in which the heart is less open, insatiable. This song is optimism. We were inspired by Steve Reich to create a pulsing bed of harp, marimba, banjo, dulcimer, and other percussion, over which the guitars and vocals can rise and fall.

This is a remix I did back in 2007 of The Zombies classic “Time Of The Season”

“I took the 101, like an idiot!”
JRO describing her morning commute

RAC + Alex Ebert, “Tear You Down”

Percolating percolating percolating percolating